Similarities Between Benjamin Franklin And Ernest Shackton

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Benjamin Franklin made some of the first discoveries in electricity. Johann Sebastian Bach changed the main style of music in Germany from hymns to baroque. Ernest Shackleton explored the Antarctic. Although these men did vastly different things, Benjamin Franklin, Ernest Shackleton, and Johann Sebastian Bach were all pioneers of their respective fields, opening the doors of exploration for future generations. Benjamin Franklin had an astounding curiosity about the natural world. This curiosity is what drove him to make his many discoveries, although he was always so busy that he never really saw anything through to the end. When Franklin was doing his first experiments with electricity, he would write and publish theories he had come up with, but scientists in Europe would be the ones to complete the experiments to…show more content…
He went where no one had gone before: Antarctica. Shackleton was first introduced to the Antarctic on Robert Scott’s expedition, where a bitter rivalry was born between them and Ernest learned how harsh antarctic can be. He later went back, and captured world’s the first videos of the antarctic, and held seminars to teach the public about the frozen, extraterrestrial-like world. And still he went back, making scientific discoveries, performing the impossible by surviving three months, shipwrecked on an iceberg. In this, Shackleton showed the world that even against staggering odds, you can still survive, explore, and discover amazing things. Shackleton was a huge part of helping antarctica become what it is today, a center for research for things ranging from biology, to meteorology, to even astronomy. But his legacy did not stop at the frozen south, but it continues on to every frontier; from space exploration, to the deep sea, to adventuring in your back woods. Ernest Shackleton was an extraordinary leader, and a pioneer of the

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