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Honduras Do you want to go to a country that is peaceful and quiet?. Honduras is just the place for you. Life isif much slower in Honduras, the climate is generally warm, and the beaches are beautiful to take a nap and for a family vacation. Add a summarizing sentence/thesis to tell what your paper will discuss (geography, government, and culture). The neighboring countries of Honduras are Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua.. and Tthe Gulf of Fonseca borders it on the (north, east, south, or west?). The latitude longitude is 14 degrees north and the longitude latitude is 87 degrees west. Honduras is in the central part of Latin America. If you want to live in…show more content…
In the Highlands, more than 80% of the land is volcanic mountains. The good thing is that the volcanoes aren’t active anymore. The Highlands have high plateaus and some hills. TIn the Banana Country is on the northern point of the country, next to the Caribbean Sea. The Banana Country is located in San Pedro. San Pedro is the second largest city with 650,000 people. The Banana Country has one of Honduras's light industries. The Lowlands of Honduras are on the eastern side of the Caribbean coast. It has rolling grasslands and forests in the lowlands. There are thousands of beautiful flowers and have swamps and lagoons. The climate here is muggy and hot all…show more content…
There are many epiphytes, also known as air plants. These are plants that grow upon other plants. They grow in the forests on many of the trees. There are many trees, such as pine, and oak forests that grow on the mountain slopes. In the Eastern Lowland there are mangrove swamps,and palm forests. To the west on the sandy plains there is the pine savanna. Where it rains more in the valleys there are forests of cedar, balsa, rosewood and rubber trees. The rubber trees provide “chicle” which means gum. There are not too many natural resources in Honduras. The roads are scarce and the terrain is rugged, so it is hard to get the natural resources out. Honduras’ natural minerals are lead, zinc, iron, gold, copper, and silver. There are some mines that export silver, gold, lead and zinc. Timber is the main income producer of natural resources in Honduras. My mother told me that when she was a little girl, her father and mother-in-law, worshipped this small black box. They would put food around it and started praying to it. This is an example of the early religion of Honduras. Today, 98% of Hondurans are Roman Catholic. The one place that is not, is the north coastal region. In this region there are Protestants, mostly

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