The Great Gatsby: Relations To WWI

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The Great Gatsby, Relations to WWI The Great Gatsby WWI By F. Scott Fitzgerald is best known for its portrayal of the Roaring Twenties. The book was published in 1925 and is based off the authors life. The main character, Nick Caraway is very similar to F. Scott Fitzgerald himself. There are other characters in the book such as Jay Gatsby. The book is about a very wealthy time in America, mostly coming from Mr. Fitzgerald’s own experiences. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896. Mr. Fitzgerald was named after his ancestor Francis Scott Key, who was the author of “Star-Spangled Banner.” Growing up, he was a very intelligent child, however he did very poorly in school all the way up to college. He chose to not graduate and instead enlisted into the army during the end of WWI in 1917. Soon after Mr. Fitzgerald became the Lieutenant stationed at Camp Sheridan where he met his soon to be wife Mrs. Zelda Sayre. Mrs. Sayre refused to marry Mr. Fitzgerald until he got his act together and earned enough money to support a family. Once he realized this he got his act together and began to write, soon publishing the book “The Side of…show more content…
This book showed that this was the time affairs were prevalent in society, and this was the time many people made many mistakes. In The Great Gatsby the event of Gatsby talking to Jordan at a party and tells her he knew Daisy previously and is in love with her, readers knew she would have an affair although Nick learns of the event that Tom is already having an affair with Myrtle. There’s a whole mess in this story that was not resolved, characters died that didn’t deserve it and the real “Bad Guys” got away with it. In this story all Gatsby wanted and sought out was wealth but he ended up achieving nothing in life but accusations, sorrow, and soon death. This whole book described the time period of the 1920s and was a huge part of

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