Homelessness Analysis

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In America alone, as of 2014 there are about or over 578,424 homeless people including, kids and families. You have most likely seen a homeless person, especially if you live in a rundown city. I believe that it is okay for the homeless to make a shelter or set up a camp in my area; community. If it’s on an unowned property, types of park areas, streets, I believe they should have the right to sleep and or basically live there since they have nowhere to go. I do think it is most defiantly wrong if a homeless person decides they want to stay on someone’s property. Sending the homeless away is also wrong too and also makes no since because they are just going to do what they are doing now, just in a different place. With the homeless staying…show more content…
You could do multiple things like, buying them a dollar cheeseburger, giving them a blanket, old clothes, water, soap and more. You could also go as far as volunteering at soup kitchens or your local homeless shelter. If your community does not have a homeless shelter, the community needs to come together and could raise money for one, get people involved, talk to the mayor, police and even the government! Homeless shelters are great and give the homeless a roof over their head. Some homeless shelters help even further by, helping them get a job, medical care, welfare or even a place to live! These shelters and people have helped the homeless out so much that some of them are now back on their feet, working and doing well! Another reason why homeless shelters are so very important is because of the families and kids. Being a homeless kid is worse than being a homeless adult. Some kids don’t even know why they are homeless and some think that it’s their fault that they are. One in Thirty children go to sleep without a home each year. These children are helpless and can do nothing about being homeless. It’s so sad that a child has to go through not having food to eat, not having anywhere to sleep, sometimes even nowhere to play or anyone to play with. These kids have done nothing to deserve this and it’s not their fault and is most surely unfair. Some homeless kids are so young that they think that’s what life is supposed to be lived, on the streets. These kids don’t know what it’s like to be in a well-structured home and too some to even have a
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