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2. Plot, Setting Tone and Meanings of James Joyce's Araby My favorite story is "Araby" by James Joyce. James Joyce has aptly used an anonymous boy in this story to describe how he becomes a victim of unrequited love that he breeds in his mind and carries on nursing it on daily basis though he knows it very well that it is useless for him. Written in a post-modern romantic style, James Joyce has beautifully used first person narrative of a young teenager who falls victim to the romantic ideals of his imagination. His imagination casts a shadow of the his friend Mangan's sister to whom he starts idealizing. The plot of the story revolves around this teenager who loves Mangan's sister, idealizes her and promises her that he would bring something for her when he visits the famous bazar of Araby. However, he does not think about the fact…show more content…
The symbol of sight shows that there is irony lying hidden in these remarks whenever they are spoken. First Tiresias, the blind seer, is blind, and even one point Oedipus mocks him for being blind as he accuses him for the filth lying in the city stating "your blind eyes cannot see / What plague infects our city" (Oedipus 310) but then he accuses him blind in everything at which he gets furious. This where he states it clearly saying "since you have not refrained / From mocking my blindness -- you who have eyes / Yet see not into what miser you have fallen" (425-429). Secondly, this symbol of "sight" has been used to show that though Oedipus is physical all right and can see all things very well. However, as Tiresias has said to him that he is blind, he is really blind to all the facts that he does not know. This mocks at his claim of having good knowledge as he was the one who defeated Phoenix. Oedipus insists that he would "see" in the very beginning of the play but it proves ironic that he is unable to see that in himself what he accuses in

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