Freedom Riders Speech

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Could you ever imagine that in the year 1961 many blacks and whites could work together to stand up for what they believed in? The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee(SNCC) asked for men and women of all ages and race to become Freedom Riders. Freedom Riders are hundreds of black and white college students who rode buses on the integrated highways(Holmes). The SNCC issued this due to the south's choice to neglect the Supreme Court's decision to desegregate the interstate systems. These riders were trying to protest the Jim Crow Laws and get the south to abide by the new law. All of these rides led to violence some more extreme than the others. Due to the violence riders even wrote their wills and last letters to loved ones before they…show more content…
Following the lunch sit-ins in Nashville and and Greensboro the SNCC started issuing these courageous rides(Mack). Something needed to change about segregation so many young college students stood up for this cause. The highways were integrated by law but the southern states didn’t abide by this law. At this time the southern states were overpopulated with black slaves and many hated them and didn’t want them on their freeways. These rides were led by the CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) organization(Mack). By the south not tolerating these laws they not only violated the law of the Supreme Court but also disregarded the Jim Crow Laws(pbs). All of these rides were caused by the verdict of the court case Morgan v. The Commonwealth of Virginia(Mack). This case was that the segregation of interstate system was a violation of the US Constitution which resulted in the abolishing of segregated highways(Catsam). These rides officially started on May 14, 1961(Holmes). Many of the rides were horrific due to the violent beatings many riders…show more content…
International attention was brought about on these rides and many officials were able to see and understand what was going on. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy petitioned Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) which outlawed interstate segregation. These memorable rides brightened many black and white youth with courage and also inspired civil rights activist Diane Nash(Mack). Because of these heroic men and women others were inspired to start more peaceful protests to try and change society(Adamson). The civil rights movement was completely transformed after these rides(Arsenault). These rides brought so much attention that officials started to force federal enforcement and bring about policy changes(Freedom Rides). After the rides ended many wanted to continue but were in terrible health so they were told to stay back and get help(Adamson). These rides are so memorable due to everything that changed in society. The Freedom Riders endoured so much to change the civil rights movement. All of the rides at violence and fighting that led to many riders being hospitalized. It all started since the south didn’t abide by the law of integrated highway systems. There were about over 400 volunteers, black and white, who risked their own lives and ride the buses trying to get the south to integrate the interstate. The rides brought so much attention and inspired many others that today the interstates are

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