Compare And Contrast Caligula And Stalin

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No matter how far one may look back into history, power and dominance have been the determinant of many wars. The leaders that were behind these wars all have shared common desires of prominence, control, power and respect. Infamous leaders such as Hannibal, Caligula, and Joseph Stalin are proof that leaders from different time periods and locations, share allot in common when it comes to authority. Even though these leaders share allot in common in their style of dictatorship, they also share many differences in their style of leading. Joseph Stalin last name means steel and he was a man of steel. Stalin shared similar leadership skills as Hannibal and Caligula. Just as many leaders back in time, before the title of emperor, leader or dictator…show more content…
Unlike other leaders that have ruled over Rome, he was not known for his positive contributions to this empire. Instead Caligula is known for the turmoil and hell he caused in the Roman Empire. Caligula was a sick minded individual, who had bizarre sexual fetishes. As a result of being molested, it messed with Caligula’s state of mind and judgement. He prayed upon young children, and used them to fulfill his sexual desires. Similar to Stalin, the people of Rome were excited about having a new ruler. The romans thought their new ruler would bring joy and peace to their empire but they were totally wrong. Caligula let his title and authority to get to him. He went in and changed the whole structure of the government. Senators who were once wealthy and had authority were prisoners, salves, and workers. Caligula also embarrassed these men who were once in high authority just because he knew he could. A title nor how much money one had meant anything to Caligula. If he felt someone possessed a risk of threating his authority or went against him was instantly killed. It was not long enough when the people of Rome had enough of Caligula and decided to kill him. After Caligula’s death the people of Rome decided to erase everything that reminded of their late

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