Anatomy Rembrandt Comparison

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Rembrandt worked on group portraiture as far as to the end of his life, although not consistently. There are similarities and differences between how Rembrandt resolved external coherence early in his painting to later. Two works that can be compared are Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp, 1632 and The Staalmeesters, 1662. Both works resolve external coherence by naturally including the viewer into the painting. However, the viewer is included into the scene created by Rembrandt as two different individuals. Riegl explains that external coherence is the connection between the figures and the viewer and is dependant on internal coherence; subordinate relationship between the figures. There must be an established relationship between the figures as a base so that the viewer can seamlessly enter. Rembrandt creates an internal coherence in both works in a similar way. In Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp the dominant figure is characterized by placing him on the right and all the attention…show more content…
His solution is more natural because it is more relaxed and realistic. In Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp, the figures are expressive and only a few give attention to the viewer, creating the external coherence. The viewer is shown as subordinate to some of the figures, especially the main figure by not being recognized by them. But later in The Staalmeesters, the only figures that do not show obvious awareness of the viewer are the servant in the back and the central figure all others are aware and show genuine interest in the viewer. There is a friendlier atmosphere created by the figures. The setting also seems less formal and open because of the even lighting and linear composition of the figures. The less formal atmosphere creates naturalism, however external coherence is still cemented by the figures looking slightly down at the viewer, and the central figure not making eye contact. The viewer is still subordinate to the

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