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Weronika Lukasiak SBA Research "Jenny Saville's contemporary style through her traditional approach in technique influenced my "the flesh" series as her depiction of the human form is so unique yet disturbing" Jenny Saville’s style in her oil on canvas paintings inspired my approach to my “The Flesh” series. Her grotesque yet unique technique of portraying the human flesh is so detailed and relatable yet hard to look at. Her subject matter is ordinary, but her painterly technique adds a sense of over exaggerated human depiction. Jenny Saville's paintings depict female nudes in extreme states of grotesque over-exaggeration, deformed, brutalized and obese women. These artworks work against the world’s history of male domination of idealized portraits of women. Saville is a figurative oil painter widely known for…show more content…
I too focus on a neutral palette, with the addition of greens and blues. There is a thick painterly effect to my series as seen in Saville's paintings. She uses oil paint as her primary media and is used in such a way that you can see brushstrokes and every colour used. Also when painting you can tell she pays attention to detail and the curves, lines, jagged edges of the human form, there is an organic quality to her work made through the detail. This form of development and creation is the same as I used in my 'The Flesh' series. Just as Saville uses oil on canvas, with a tactile visual effect, I do too. I wanted to translate the human flesh in its most raw and natural state, where each colour and detail was translated onto the canvas. I was personally influenced by Jenny Saville's works as I could resonate with the painterly style; it shows the hand of the artist rather than it looking like a machine produced it . This related with my personal style as I too have a very painterly

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