Personal Narrative: My Interview With Jacqui Pappas

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My first interview included questioning my coworker, Jacqui Pappas. Jacqui is my superior, so I typically refer to her as “Ms. Jacqui.” Ms. Jacqui is one of my favorite people on the planet. Not only is she training me how to help myself and others with natural remedies, she is teaching me how to conduct business in our local health food store called The Sunshine Shoppe. Ms. Jacqui is the assistant manager of the store, and I have almost never seen her make a mistake. She is extremely precise, almost OCD about organization. Ms. Jacqui has been through numerous struggles in life, one of which occurred when her husband and two young children died in a house fire. Though the tragedy occurred many years ago, Ms. Jacqui is still in the healing process.…show more content…
After my first two interviews, I thought people perceived me to be an agreeable communicator. I believe that Andrea, of course, is probably right. Realistically speaking, I should have expected this description of my communication strengths earlier. I do find it interesting to attempt to persuade other people’s opinions, but when they refuse to see something the way that I do, I suppose I might become a less effective at communicating. Thankfully, this is an obstacle that I can work to improve. After Andrea’s answer, I felt truly humbled, and I realized that there are definitely areas in my communication that I can work to improve. One answer from Chandler, and I must say I am quite pleased with it. We know each other so well that I truly trust his opinion. However, like Ms. Jacqui and Elizabeth, he may have been throwing me a soft ball. I am hoping, though, that what he said is true. The ability to express your opinion and thoughts is priceless. Through these interviews, I discovered that many people believe that I do have some communication strengths, but whether or not they are all accurate is for us to find out. Along with many positive, encouraging responses, there was one area mentioned that I absolutely need to work on, and it will never harm me to work towards improving my communication

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