Richard III Villain

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In the play Richard III, the characters are an important part in the story. The characters of any story are the main reason the story advances. The characters and their personalities also play a major role in deciding the plot. Thesis Statement. There is no doubt about the fact that Richard is the villain of this play. He is also the protagonist. Richard uses his intelligence in this story many a time, usually for evil-doing and violence. In the play, Richard hires two murderers to kill his brother, Clarence, so that he could be one step closer to having the crown and the throne for himself. This action reveals to us just how clever he really is because he sends somebody, other than himself, to go murder his brother. In the play, in scene one, Act 4, page --- the first murderer makes the following statement “ Thy brother's love, or duty, and thy fault, prove us hither now to slaughter thee.” The first murderer is explaining to Clarence that his beloved Brother Richard, also known as Gloucester, has sent the two of them, the two murderers that is, to brutally murder him. Richard's intelligence advances…show more content…
To which she responds to by saying that she is, in fact, accusing him of murdering King Edward IV along with many other innocent people. Then instead of Richard feeling belittled, he gathers the audacity to propose to Anne, while her husband's lifeless body lies right beside them. Of course, this catches Anne off guard. Eventually, she takes the ring that Richard had offered to her and agrees to marry him. Richard uses wordplay in this scene to get Lady Anne to marry him, even though she knows that he was the person who killed her husband. This scene is very important to the advancement of this play. If Richard wouldn't have proposed to her, then he would still be steps away from his beloved
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