Arguments Surrounding The Erickson And The Refugee Crisis

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The refugee crisis of today is occurring because of the oppression and persecution of the people, the wars which cause many to flee from their home countries, as well as religious strife. These people flee to Europe, hoping that they can live there and support themselves and their families, but the leaders of Europe are trying to reject these people. Michelson believes that Europe should instead accept the refugees and provide aid for them, all the while trying to improve the political situations that caused the crisis. “The current policy of regarding the refugees as intruders and criminals will only help to fan xenophobia and play in the hands of the ultra right-wing parties in upcoming elections.” By spending money now, European leaders can prevent this from turning into a larger problem later. The author…show more content…
While I would agree in terms of an ethical standpoint, the economic cost for these millions of refugees might not be worth it in the eyes of European leaders. Helping them would gain the favor of people in other countries, but that doesn’t help improve their countries in any way other than opinion, so the cost may outweigh the benefits. I believe Michelson’s strongest argument is that the problem now can turn into a larger problem later, which can largely affect the way that Europe is governed, as the rejection of foreign refugees could cause riots and fighting that could impact Europe economically even more than it would take to fix the issue now, also causing xenophobia in the hearts of Europeans. These reasons appeal logically, and he doesn’t use the poor situations of the refugees to appeal emotionally. He argues that Europe is capable and should be able

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