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Hiding in the Light: Why I Risked Everything to Leave Islam and Follow Jesus is a true story written by Rifqa Bary. The book chronicles the author’s life, describing her move from her home in Sri Lanka to America and how, despite the danger, she converted from Islam to Christianity, and reading it revealed lessons that helped me to deepen my walk with Christ. Rifqa tells how she ran away from home at sixteen in order to survive and provides details of the trials and hardships that she went through because of her conversion, and how God helped her through it. One of the spiritual lessons in this book is that God is always there. Rifqa writes of when she was five years old and playing in the garden outside her home. She said she felt “A…show more content…
Rifqa went through so much. She was sexually abused by her uncle and often physically abused by her father, mother and older brother. When she was sixteen and knew her father was coming home to kill her, God helped her escape from her home and sent numerous people to help her along the way. Rifqa dealt with threats to her life, jail, intense court hearings, many terrible foster homes, and, after she gained her freedom, cancer. During everything she endured, God was with her, helping her through it. He helped her escape from her home, He got her out of jail, He freed her from her parents for good, and He made her cancer free after she decided to stop her chemo treatments. Because of this, I now realize that God can get me through anything and I can trust Him completely to bring people and opportunities into my life when I need them. Even if I am having the worst day ever, I realize that He will help me get through it. It is wonderful that I can trust Him completely and know that He will never steer me wrong. Just as Rifqa stated, “I was assured in my spirit that God was watching over me” (119), I know that He is watching over

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