Alien Interaction In Area 51

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The whole world is a secret starting from the beginning of the world. To cover the secret you need lies, to cover lies you needs more lies. One hundred eighteen miles northwest Las Vegas Nevada in the forbidden stretch of a desert lays the mysterious place in the United States of America called the “Area 51”. This rectangular area is known by many names; Dreamland, Groom Lake, Paradise Ranch, and most notably Area 51. Back to the 1950s, this area is used and owned by the Department of Atomic Energy, which currently called as DOE or the Department Of Energy. This site has been used as a test site for atomic inventions. The old maps of the Department of Atomic Energy had divided this area to many area boxes where each area was given a number…show more content…
From the beginning, the government did not want to acknowledge the existence of the Area 51. Today, it is called there is a military base and hence, this area is highly secured from the public. The government does not want to expose, publicize or address on what government is hiding inside and what is being done in the Area 51. Could that be secret weapon or extraterrestrial technology? People are eager to hear answers. There are many rumors and concrete evidence about alien interaction in Area 51. But the Government of the United States enforces to refuse to address those rumors concerning the security and secrecy of the military base’ activities. The sightings of mysterious lights in the sky over Area 51 and in nearby areas, evidence from the famous Roswell crash in 1947, reverse engineering theories, the miraculous invention of the stealth fighter, Kevlar technologies, and testimony from the retired workers fuel the conspiracies about alien’…show more content…
Generating forces of energy throwing to the sky formed blanket of radar waves. Radars look for any object that bounces back to the source. It accepts flying object bounce back signals and those signals are directly come to the source. Conventionally, the same antenna used for transmitting the signal and receiving the signal. If the receiving signal is weak, the radar can easily amplitude the signal. Because of this, radar can detect an object from a greater distance. To defeat this greater threat, a far greater technology is needed. The remedy is the Stealth Technology that is invisible and undetectable by radars. United States Air Force made a stealth Aircraft with unbelievable capabilities. This Aircraft has sharpened flat surfaces and regular angles that reflect incoming radar signals away from the object. Due to the reflection, the radar has a very minimal opportunity to identify the object. Stealth technology is one of the miraculous inventions in the world. Kevlar technology is also another great technology, which is hard to believe. Kevlar is a synthetic fiber material that is so strong and lightweight. The Scientific name of the Kevlar is; “poly- para- phenylene terephthalamide”. This miracle material is used today in so many products. Bulletproof vests or body armors and speed car tires are some of them. Mostly this material is used by

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