Realism In Tom Sawyer

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his showing off reveals a selfish strain in Tom's character. Yet twain depicts the need for attention as just a minor vice, because it is based on a social instinct for connecting to others in the community. Even the teachers of the Sunday school yearn to be recognized as they try to impress Judge Thatcher when he visits their classroom. The only character who begrudges Tom his dramatic flair is Sid, who is mean-spirited and a loner. In writing about the village of St. Petersburg, Missouri, Twain was describing a contemporary Southern American village to his original readers. Rather than glamorizing his subject matter by writing about a more well-known location or glamorous characters, he aimed towards realism in describing the daily lives…show more content…
His preface explains that much of the book is based on his own experiences growing up, implying that little has been reinvented. Yet, even as he sets out to tell the stories of ordinary villagers with beliefs and values that represent those of many mid-nineteenth-century Americans, Twain adds accompaniments to his depiction, playing up the quaintness of village life. A more realistic view of a community would stress, for example, unresolved injustices, the discrepancy between rich and poor, or the life of a slave in St. Petersburg And there are elements of realism in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, for example Twain's descriptions of Huck's life as a homeless boy who is looked down upon by his elders. Even so as a novel consisting of many short stories with happy endings, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is largely a sentimental portrait of Mississippi village life, offering St. Petersburg as Twain would like to remember it. Twain does this purposefully to show the reader how building…show more content…
The story begins with an attractive clarification as the writer uses accent within Tom and Aunt Polly's conversation. After exhausting herself off looking for Tom for a long time, Aunt Polly finally found Tom hiding in her comfortable place. Aunt Polly hear some noise suddenly she turned behind herself. She usurps the boy tom she asked to him what are you doing here tom said to her nothing am I doing here. She seized tom and watched with his hand and mouth full of jam. Forty times I have said leave that jam alone. This is successful for it clearly introduces the main characters right away, as well as what's going on, and in addition, it has already introduced the idea of the story. The first words that Tom speaks in this story already show the evil nature of man, that he will do anything just to get away from trouble. In Tom's situation, he lied by not saying anything and I don't know when there is actually something and he obviously knows what he's been doing. With the idea, the characters, and the past already introduced during the clarification by using a well planed dialogue, the writer provided himself with the ease and effortlessness of setting the story on track. Aunt Polly creates the natural decency in a human since she decided to take care of his nephew Tom and to endure all the difficulties in dealing with his stubbornness because she loved

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