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The seductive mistress of science has not alluded the minds of the few that know how to modernize it and the masses who take advantage of it every day. Whether the advancement be in the realm of medicine or in the dominion of electronics, humans use the application of the field as a positive benefit in their lives. However, science can easily be transformed into something devastating and harmful to the human race; scientists have been able to design the cure for polio as well as atomic technology capable of wiping out much of the world in a nuclear holocaust in a matter of hours. These abilities that exist in science have been able to adapt its capabilities from the real world into literature; it has been able to inject itself into the novels…show more content…
While the former “would possibly be scarred badly…his life was undoubtedly safe”, the same could not be said for the latter; for Henry, “he could not live [for] his body was frightfully seared, but more than that, he now had no face” and “had simply been burned away” (Crane 20). From that day on, Henry Johnson is now viewed by the people as the downside of electricity: a strange phenomenon that they do not know how to fully recognize. His face is specifically stated to have been burned away instead of being disfigured, inferring that Henry has been molded into something like a third race, where both whites and blacks alike do not understand and automatically cower away and do not want to be around. These reactions are experienced as Johnson attempts to live his life just like any other day, as if the house burning and his lack of face does not affect how he thinks of himself. Alek Williams succeeds in extorting money for housing the devil due to it scaring his children into preventing them from eating and causing his wife to “almost achieve a back somersault” (Crane 26-27). At Reifsnyder’s barber the customers continue to gossip about Johnson, but now the discussion is about whether or not he should have died along with some justifications. While walking around town, the defaced man stumbled upon the party for Theresa Page and everyone there became frightened; one member of the…show more content…
The being is created by the troubled mind of Victor Frankenstein in a vain attempt to bring his mother back to life. Prior to his mother’s passing, Victor became engrossed in the natural sciences and read up on the works of scientists in that field like Cornelius Agrippa and Albertus Magnus. His captivation in the subject begins his entrance into the Imaginary realm, an aspect of the world that is more privatized and far-reaching than the standards of his society, which is recognized as the Symbolic world (Collings 280). When Caroline is claimed by her illness, Victor is immediately sent to the University of Ingolstadt to ideally study in the Symbolic subjects, but he decides to concentrate more on nature with M. Waldman. Not having time to cope with the loss of his mother, Victor uses the knowledge he attains to become God-like and breathe new life into the remains of the dead. With enough time isolated from the rest of the university and body parts from “the dissecting room and the slaughter-house”, Frankenstein brought onto the world a reanimated body (Shelley 34). His work, however, turns out to be a complete failure as the creation’s appearance reveals something horrifying within himself that he did not know prior to molding his design. Now that it is in the flesh, Victor hatred commences to grow stronger; as “the

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