Alton Towers Negative Effects

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Negative Impacts – some of the negative impact that Alton Towers may encounter include: the Marketing Department and the Production Department may not be able to agree on a concept for the ride this could lead to the ride not being produced or produced/not in conjunction with the schedule, therefore this would also mean that the Marketing Department does not have a product or service to promote to new or existing customers. Another issue that the marketing department may set a deadline that is unrealistic and the Production department is not able to meet. This could also mean that the product that is produced is of poor quality, this would mean that the customers are not satisfied with the end product this may also mean that the ride does not…show more content…
Another way that the Human Resources department keep employees motivated is by giving their staff discounts, an example of this is Clarks as they offer each of their employees 75% off any shoes once per month and 30% off up to 3 times a month. Furthermore the Human Resources department also keep their staff happy by, in some cases, offering them bonuses. These are usually achieved by either meeting or exceeding the employees monthly target, for example a salesman or women who works a Ford may be set a target of 10 sales In a month this means that he has to try to reach this goal which has been set by his boss. In addition to a target number of sales within a period of time Alton Towers may set its employees a target to increase the number of people who visit the theme park per week by 10% after the opening of the new ride…show more content…
Manpower planning will also be extremely important for Alton Towers when venue ride Serpent is opened, this is as if they do not employ enough ride operators, then this may in turn lead to increased waiting times for their new ride Serpent, this then may also have a negative impact on the customers experience at the theme

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