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Speech Stefan: Hello teacher and fellow classmates, this is our pechakucha presentation on the Warsaw Ghetto Andrei: During WW2 the Germans were seeking out all the Jews to destroy them, there were several groups of Jews all over the world but the most concentrated area of Jews was in Warsaw Poland. Since the Russians dislike Jews ( Not enough to kill them) they sent all the Jewish population in Russia to Poland. This wasn’t too bad for the Jews knowing that Poland was the most welcoming country for the Jews, this is one of the reasons why Poland was the first city to fall in WW2. Stefan: Within Poland there was a ghetto where all the Jews went to simply because there were other Jews they could relate with. Since the population of Jews in…show more content…
Even though that many Jews in ghettos across Eastern Europe tried to organize resistance against the Germans the most famous attempt by Jews to resist the Germans in armed fighting occurred in the Warsaw Ghetto. After the news of the mass murders in Treblinka the Jewish population in Warsaw chose to rise up and take down the oppressing Nazi's. On April 19, 1943 the Warsaw ghetto uprising began after German troops entered the ghetto trying to deport its surviving inhabitants. Roughly 750 Jews fought the heavily armed and well trained Germans. The ghetto fighters were able to hold out for nearly a month but on May 16 1943 the revolt ended. The Nazi's crushed the resistance and captured 56000 Jews, which 7000 were shot and the remainder were deported to camps for…show more content…
Warsaw as a result of WW2 took a heavy hit in the form of the entire Ghetto being destroyed. Even though the Ghetto was a run down place it still had economic value and since it was completely destroyed as a result of Hitler's rein it ruined Poland's finances. After getting some money from the Germans the process of building it back together was in play, it took a while but eventually it became back to what is used to be. Stefan: Since the end of WW2 several memorials have been created in order to honour those who died in the Ghetto and those who lived in Warsaw but were taken to execution camps. The biggest of which is a fragment of the Ghetto Wall which has become a tourist hotspot due to its important and fascinating values. The wall has names of all who died ( that were recorded) and a message from the government explaining how important the wall is to Poland

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