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The ancient Roman gladiators, did they want to be gladiators? Or were they forced to be gladiators? Usually, gladiators were sentenced war prisoners and criminals for the combat, but there are many reasons for them to be picked as gladiators. From slaves to gladiators. At the time, in Rome, there was separated class society all over the city. The order of masters was like a law for slaves, dishonor was the path to the death. Many wealthy nobles had fun having own gladiators. Some of them trained by own, some of them sent slaves to gladiator schools ( Criminals and War prisoners barely rejected being gladiators because their life was either death or being labor slaves, called Damnati Ad Gladium, which means death or death by sword. Ironically, Roman crowds more preferred criminals as gladiators, because they wanted blood between two impeachable fighters. The fighters were treated roughly, as they were animals, but they were popular, as real gladiators. Even a huge amount of abandoned men were becoming gladiators, it seemed like the combat was already general in 206 BC, and not only criminals, but also free volunteers took roles. They were risked their life into the gladiatorial battle, because the combat payment was enough to pay depths and to feel the glory of battlefield (…show more content…
The schools were like barracks, or in some cases as prisons. Previously, it has been discovered that there were more than 100 gladiator schools and troupes, called Famila Gladitorium. It was a huge business. The schools were under the control of manager, called Lanista who arranged when or where the fighter’s combats would be ( Each gladiator school provided high quality physical training to produce “perfect” gladiators, called Tiro, meaning ready to fight in the arenas. Each gladiator had tattoos indicating which schools they were from and refusal to give

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