Hemodialysis Research Paper

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Another treatment option is peritoneal dialysis. Peritoneal dialysis performs the same function as hemodialysis but is performed through the abdomen (location of the peritoneal membrane). A dialysis solution is used to draw unwanted waste from the blood vessels in the abdomen. Then the solution is drained from the abdomen, through the catheter and the process is repeated. This process is illustrated below (NIDDK, 2007). This process can be done continuously or in cycles that occur 3-5 times while sleeping. The third treatment option for kidney failure is a kidney transplant. During a kidney transplant, a healthy kidney from another person is surgically implanted and connected to the artery and vein in the lower abdomen. The unhealthy kidneys…show more content…
Such issues as depression, suicidal behavior, anxiety, panic, and delirium are commonly reported. The physical symptoms of kidney disease can be very painful, causing the patient to become depressed and/or suicidal. “No other medical condition has such a degree of dependence for the maintenance treatment of a chronic illness.” (Sousa) This level of dependence causes these patients to have high levels of anxiety. These patients may also be on a transplant list, putting their health in limbo and in the hands of other human beings which can be very stressful and depressing. Many patients with renal failure cannot work. A person’s profession can give them self-worth, a sense of accomplishment, and can be key to a person’s identity. Without these positive outcomes, patients can become depressed. The patients may also experience anxiety from the lack of secure income that comes with being…show more content…
Suicide is also easier for people experiencing renal failure because all it takes is skipping a few treatments. The waiting game that these patients experience and the variety of possible outcomes and side effects cause severe anxiety and panic. Delirium is sometimes seen in these patients as well due to the electrolyte imbalance that kidney disease can cause. It is important in kidney disease cases that psychiatric medication be considered for the treatment of these issues. d. Provide an example of one original receptive music therapy intervention you might use with an adult patient in a renal care setting. Do not use an intervention provided in the Allen book. Write up the intervention using the format provided in the guidelines

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