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The murder case of Hae Min Lee took a very large amount of research. Her former boyfriend Adnan was put in jail after being accused of murdering of his girlfriend. But was the evidence really strong enough to prove Adnan truly guilty for murdering Hae? It is hard to say, but both sides of the case have strong arguments on what really happened to Hae Min Lee. I believe that Adnan was falsely accused for taking the life of his past girlfriend, Hae. Many have reason to believe that Adnan is innocent and that he actually did not commit the crime that he is being punished life in jail for. The first reason for this argument is that Jay’s story of what Adnan has supposedly told him has been unreliable and not much truth to it.…show more content…
Jay’s statements claim that she was killed in the best buy parking lot around 2:36 pm but several witnesses claim that Hae was still in school at this time (Episode 9). Another statement from Jay claims that Adnan had called him from a Best Buy payphone after the time of the murder. However after extensive research there was no record of a payphone ever being outside of Best Buy and a witness stated this as well (Episode 5). Even after Jay was questioned a third time he still was unable to get his story straight about what had happened to him on that day. Lucky for Jay the cops did not seem very interested in getting a story that was well fit together, they just were interested in some sort of evidence. One last part of Jay’s statements was involving the cell phone towers. On that night that Hae disappeared Adnan’s phone pinged the tower near Leakin Park a total of six times, but I believe that this was at the time that Jay was in possession of Adnan’s cell phone. Adnan had claimed that he was going to the mosque after school and at the time his phone would not have been needed. Even after Adnan said that he remembers having his phone at the time I believe that he gave it to Jay along with his car

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