Becoming A Marine Corps Officer Essay

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I am a proud American citizen, born and raised in a family, and in a state, that highly values the principles of American citizenship. I have witnessed events that have shaken the foundation of our country to its core. I have remained a bystander as wars were fought; terrorist attacks unsettled every American; and we live under a government with inner conflicting views. Growing up in America has afforded me the opportunity to observe men and women who are heroic and willing to sacrifice their time and lives to preserve the tenets of this country. The example these brave service members have set raises the standard for all Americans. These brave military personnel have the courage to respond to the demands of war and to the disruptions that follow terrorist attacks. I would be immensely proud to serve my country as a Marine Officer, as they have. I believe that serving in the Marine Corps would allow me to reach my full potential through the demands and challenges of being one of the best our nation has to offer. I have reached the point in my life that calls for an important life decision be made, becoming a Marine Corps Officer, is my decision.…show more content…
I enrolled in the NJROTC program and I excelled early on, as my need to complete every task motivated me to improve and mature with each new assignment. Entering my junior year I have become responsible for other cadets, with them respecting me more as a leader; cadets look to me for guidance and inspiration. I was rewarded at the end of my junior for my hard work by being selected to attend the Area 08 NJROTC Leadership Academy. Leadership Academy is an intensive one week program for the future leaders of their respective NJROTC programs. I was one of two female cadets in our program to be selected for this

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