How Did Carthage Influence The Rise Of Rome?

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Although many people think of Rome as a formidable empire, it was not always the strongest country in its area. One of the first other foreign powers that Rome had to do battle with was Carthage, according to Morey (1901). This city had originally been a small colony, but because of its prime location and its ability to trade, Carthage rose up and became its own empire in Africa. The mythic founding of the city involves Queen Dido, who famously was left behind by Aeneas and killed herself because of her sadness at her lover’s departure. This tradition shows just how important the city was, because few villages have a place in mythic tradition. People from all over and from many difference races settled in Rome, which was a strength for Carthage. Rome also had a multicultural population, which was a strength for Rome, but both empires had similar governments that were mostly controlled by the elite. Even though Carthage had begun as a small city, its ability to trade with others was essential for growing and becoming an important power. By slowly taking in other naval and trading colonies from the area, Carthage was able to slowly build up an empire, just as the Romans had done over the years with colonies in their areas. Because of this expansion, Carthage looked toward the countries on the Mediterranean Sea, the same countries that Rome wanted to conquer.…show more content…
Because of all this wealth, Rome started to view Carthage as a threat, especially because Carthage was showing interest in the same new colonies that Rome was interested in. This would not do for Rome and its leaders, so Rome decided to do

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