Shah Amurath Night

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Summary: Olivia runs away from Shah Amurath, the conqueror of Kozaki, but gets captured by him. Conan, seeking vengeance upon the lord, kills him and frees Olivia, without his intention. They flee from the rest of his army by going on a sail and end up on an uninhabited island. When they arrive on the island they are greeted by a ‘grandfather of all parrots’ that cried out: “Yagkoolan yok tha, xuthalla.” While foraging in the forest Conan gets attacked by a shadow with a stone. Conan and Olivia flee to the ruins where they plan to spend their night, avoiding both the approaching pirates and the mysterious shadow. There they encounter iron, human-like statues. Through the night, Olivia dreams of the mysterious statues that were situated in

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