Audiology Admission Essay

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The field of Audiology combines all the aspects that I have great passion for - science, the desire to others, education, and research. Audiologists are distinct in that they apply a broader scope to their roles in playing an integral role in the counseling and coaching of their patients, the public education spectrum, and research beyond the clinical aspects of this specialty. The significant draw for me into the profession not only satisfies my strong desire to make a difference in the lives of others buts also quenches my aspirations to go above and beyond to make a true impact in the field with the opportunities to expand on this knowledge base and make a profound impact. As I have a strong desire to pursue a career where I can make a meaningful impact in the lives of others clinically, through personal interactions and researching new information to lead to new synergies and discoveries in the field of…show more content…
I want to be a key supporter and coach that lends the necessary tools to the adolescent population that will influence their self belief and confidence to accept their loss of hearing. I want to make trips to the audiologist an enjoyable experience and not something to fear or procrastinate about. As these are my key areas of interest within Audiology, I am excited to explore every possibility that Audiology has to offer. It is my belief, that there continues to be barriers to in early intervention tactics, education and overall choice of knowledge to those impacted my hearing loss in the adolescent space. There needs to be a deeper dive on hearing loss stigma given current changes in society and new technologies. Additionally, there is a need to revisit the use of staple tools such as hearing aids to potentially expand their effect on audiology and it’s connected with mental

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