Pros And Cons Of Roof Egress

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Roof ventilation is a successful way to vertical vent a building or confined space. By opening up an air escape on the roof, it allows control of fire and smoke, allowing firefighters to have better visibility, with a reduced heat build up, and an overall safer work environment. This Roof Ventilation can “potentially lead to more rapid occupant removal and fire extinguishment.”(Poremba, 2012) However, the process of roof ventilation increases the danger in a few other areas. An increased risk is to the firefighter on the roof, actively opening the ventilation, as well to the firefighters inside and around the building. The risks versus rewards must be weighed to conclude if the practice should be continued. The firefighters on the roof are…show more content…
In the NFPA U.S. Firefighter Injuries 2013, one firefighter was reported to be killed from falling off a roof. (Karter, 2014) The NFPA 204: STANDARD FOR SMOKE AND HEAT VENTING focuses on how to effectively operate on a variety of roof condition, and properly create ventilation in various building. A way to increase safety is to have common tips known by all firefighters such as: “have two forms of egress, limiting the total time of work on roof, and not let the ventilation hole get between you and your means of egress.” (Lee, 2008) My thoughts to increase safety deal less with the current standards, and more with the addition of another procedure that firefighters could use. With the addition of an aerial ladder truck, fall prevention tethers could be added to the bucket, which would be providing a charged line for the roof crew. The tethers could prevent firefighters from falling to the ground in the event of a slip, and also prevent falling into the building if the roof collapse under the firefighters. The risks of the system are that firefighter would be tethered to an anchored object, possibly limiting the speed of egress, and thus would need the addition of a reppel and quick release system to the tethers.This system would have no not interfere with the firefighters mobility to be

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