Alcatraz: Success, Failure, Or Both?

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Harrison Sandberg Mrs. Perez English 3, Period 2 6-February-2015 Alcatraz: Success, Failure, or Both? Imagine planning to escape the world's most secure, feared prison. The anticipation of finally being free. Would you even dare to even attempt an escape? Months and months of prepping the perfect plan and executing it flawlessly. Frank Morris and fellow inmates brothers John and Clarence Anglin had this plan. To most it is an unsolved mystery whether they made it out and somehow are still alive today. It would be the escape of all escapes. Years of history. No right or wrong answer. Plenty of hard evidence, but no definitive answer. Therefore there is only one question, Are the escapees dead or alive? The three men who attempted to escape Alcatraz on the night of June 11, 1962 did not survive their escape due to all the elements against them.…show more content…
The toughest prison in America had the nickname "The Rock" because of its location off the rocky coast of San Francisco Bay ("The Great Escape" 1). If there were three men who could escape Alcatraz or have the guts to do it, it would be Frank Lee Morris and John and Clarence Anglin. Inmates Frank Lee Morris and Allen West together would collaborate with neighboring inmates John and Clarence Anglin to attempt the most daring escape ever in history. The plan took several months to develop and design ("The Great Escape" 1). The plan eventually took shape in December of 1961 ("The Great Escape" 1). To pull off a feat this immense execution would have to be flawless. The men had all the confidence in the world that they would pull it

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