Institutional Racism In Canada

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The multiculturalism in Canada has resulted to the high population of immigrants in the universities in Canada. The immigration policies put in place have contributed significantly to the high immigrant population. Since the immigrants have to go to school, they face some challenges such as racism and discrimination. This article aims at explaining the challenges that immigrants face in the universities of Canada and the level of equity in those universities. Racism in the universities has taken root and has some effects on the immigrants. The racism in the universities falls under institutional racism which is a form of racism. The institutional racism does not major on individual aspect but on the policies and rules of the institutions. Some of the policies may make a certain group to feel inferior. However, on the individual aspect, the students of the…show more content…
The students make jokes and do some acts of violence in order to insult the immigrants based on their race. The students who do this are not usually punished and this increases the racism and discrimination that the immigrant students face in the universities of Canada. This could result to the racism and other forms of discrimination to increase rather than to decrease as expected. At times, the students who face discrimination report the occurrences to the authorities if it serious. The authorities do not respond accordingly thus encouraging the discrimination in the universities of Canada to continue. Although it is not very prevalent, the enrolment of students in the universities of Canada is subject to discrimination. The native students are given more priority than the students who are immigrants. Consequently, the immigrant students have less access to the universities of Canada compared to the native students. The color of the students also contributes in a high percentage how the student will be

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