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Harry Potter has brilliant green eyes and inky black hair. He has to stay with his horrid aunt and uncle (the Dursleys) until school starts. He is a wizard and he attends Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. The night of his twelfth birthday he is being forced to stay in his room until his uncle's dinner party is over. But something unexpected happens. A house elf appears in his room. The house elf’s name is Dobby. Dobby had come to Harry to warn him not to come to school. That there is a great danger coming and Harry must stay safe. Harry refused to stay with his aunt and uncle and told Dobby, he was going back to school. Dobby ran down stairs into the kitchen and used his magic to levitate a cake onto a guest at the party. Harry was punished severely. They put bars on his windows and starved him. He spent a couple of days like this, until his friend Ron Weasley and his older brothers George and Fred came to his window in a flying car. They tore the bars off. They then grabbed Harry’s things and took Harry away from the Dursleys. Harry stayed at the Weasley for the rest of the summer. He played Quidditch with Ron and his brother and helped around the house. He loved it. Ginny (Ron’s little sister)…show more content…
He couldn’t get onto the platform and neither could Ron. So they decided to fly the flying car to Hogwarts, but the car breaks down when they get there and they crash into the whopping Willow and that is literally the only tree that will hit back. So they got attacked by the tree and Ron broke his wand. They were a little banged up, but other than that they were ok. When they finally got inside Professor Snape was waiting for them. They had been seen by Muggles and it was all over the daily prophet. Professor McGonagall didn’t have them expelled, but they did have detention. After they decided their punishment they eat in a classroom so they would be showing off how cool it is to fly a car to
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