Dracula Vs Voldemort

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Who would have thought that the modern day phenomenon, Harry Potter written by JK Rowling would have stemmed from Bram Stoker’s Dracula? Since most people would believe that vampires and wizards have nothing in common, they would be shocked to know that in Bram Stokers Dracula, his sense of style and creativity acts in all the Harry Potter series. “By taking a look at the two texts, and examining descriptions of certain details and plot events, Stoker and Rowling’s writing will amaze a reader of both novels and make him or her wonder if they were written by the same author” (FINN). The characters, the setting, and the symbols found on and around Dracula’s castle possess mythological and archetypal values that JK Rowling employs in her books…show more content…
They both possess qualities that other characters do not have. Starting with supernatural powers, Dracula and Voldemort have the power to somewhat control their victims. In the book, Dracula he uses hypnosis on Lucy, which puts her in a trance, making her appear to be sleepwalking, to he get her out of the house to suck her blood. Voldemort’s influence over Harry is not as strong as Dracula’s but is still enough to make a connection. Several times Harry wakes from his sleep frantic because he was in Voldemort’s body during his sleep. “He was acting, speaking, and walking as if he were actually Voldemort. This is what Rowling refers to as Legilimency and Occlumency. Originally Voldemort is unaware of this occurrence, but when he finds out; of course he abuses this happening and uses it as a way of mentally torturing Harry”…show more content…
One that stood out was the use of animals. Stoker’s use of bugs is the same use for Rowling using the rat- to show followers of evil. In Dracula, this is shown when Renfield, a patient in the insane asylum eats live critters to try and obtain more life the way Dracula does but with blood. Renfield, terrified of Dracula, does as he wishes to please his ‘master’ per say. Peter Pettigrew is Voldemort’s most loyal follower and is shown as Ron’s pet rat. He so truly wants to be recognized and praised by the dark lord that he does anything asked from Voldemort, but still lives in fear of him knowing he can be killed. Stoker’s use of wolves is also the same as Rowling’s use of snakes. Just like Dracula can control the wolves, Voldemort controls the snake. In Dracula, Johnathan asks to leave and Dracula lets him but when he opens the door a pack of angry wolves show up growling because Count Dracula has the power to control them. Dracula also frees a wolf from the zoo, that escaped wolf is the one that breaks through Lucy’s window giving her mom a heart attack that kills her. Wolves are often known as servants of evil in fantasy. Voldemort is known for speaking the language of snakes. “There’s not a single witch or wizard who went bad who wasn’t in Slytherin. You-Know-Who was one” (The Sorcerer’s Stone, 61-62). This quote is there because Voldemort was once a Slytherin at Hogwarts; it says that snakes

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