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Families come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Not only physically, but mentally. Some are big and some are small. However, no man should be slain for standing up for himself. In “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut, the son dies doing something everyone else was afraid to do; accept himself for who he is and being realizing that he’s one of the greatest, no matter what everyone else thought about him. The allusion between Harrison’s parents and my parents is a true reflection. My family would’ve reacted the same way George and Hazel did when Harrison gets killed by Diana Moon Glampers. Life is too short to live and think in the crab mentality.! !!! ! Harrison and his family are handicapped by the government because they think life is more…show more content…
My family and I are a lot like the Bergeron family in many ways. We both have highly intelligent brains and love to explain the way we feel to each other just like George and hazel do. I wouldn’t say I’m the smartest person in my family, but I’d have to say that I’d be Harrison in my family because we share the same personality. We are rebellious towards certain things and being different is important to us. I love to explain my opinions when I think something isn’t fair. Being different is far less mediocre than being like everyone else. When Harrison finally feels the need to show his differences, I see me doing the same thing. I would have went about it a entirely different way due to the fact that I’m a girl and live in a different predicament than Harrison is.! ! ! The way Harrison’s and my family thinks is pretty much the same. Even though his family’s handicapped, they still show that they’re smart and have know that they’re not being treated fairly. Only one thing my family does different is that we do not hold back our feelings. We’d take the risk of dying just by even trying to escape captivity. Harrison actually got a chance to live free again before he finally died. The word “rebellious” is the best word that ties the two families together. Other than looks and intelligence, we also share the same personality when it comes to being patronized or punished because of our high standards and us trying to maintain

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