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In the story, Harrison Bergeron, Hazel and George Bergeron’s son, Harrison Bergeron, is taken away by the United States Handicapper General for threatening the system that oppressed them. It was made into a short film, by the name of 2081 (the year of which the story takes place in) was made. While the story and the film are very good, there are some slight differences between them. One of differences between the film and the story is how Harrison acts. In the film, Harrison is mature, calm, and very cunning, especially for such a high stress situation he was in, faced with his untimely death. In the story, he seems hotheaded, careless, and like he thinks he is superior to others. When he bursts in the ballet, he exclaims, “‘Even as I stand here-‘he bellowed, ‘crippled, hobbled, sickened- I am a greater ruler any…show more content…
Story-wise, Harrison is portrayed as an angry boy who doesn’t seem know what he is getting himself into. For the film, Harrison is portrayed as an obvious martyr, someone who is acting to rouse a reaction from the public when they really see what the Handicapper General does when some is outwardly defiant. In the film, I think Harrison knows what he is doing- that, in the end, he would die there. That’s why he set up the ruse of a bomb, to keep them distracted from the real plan of make the images go live again. That’s why he dances in the film, to show the Handicapper General that, despite being tortured and beaten for 6 years on end, that he was not broken – that he never would be broken. On the ground and on a pipe in the film Harrison wrote the words “Live Free or Die,” and “For Death is not the worst of Evils,” which makes a powerful statement that living in that republic, where the brilliant and the strong were weakened, is worth than death itself. Overall, film Harrison and story Harrison are different in the sense that one is a martyr and one simply doesn’t know what he is getting

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