Harriet Jacobs Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl

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Slavery has been and most likely will always be a touchy subject to speak about. In “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl”, Harriet Jacobs placed her story and her encounters as a slave into a short story. She allows her readers a look into just how corrupting slavery actually was. She shows us the truth behind a “good” slave master. She shows us the emotional toll the slave masters actually undergo themselves, and she also shows us the effect that slavery actually had the main character’s, Linda, personality. In Jacobs’ short story, we are given the chance to witness what a “good” slave master is actually like, only to find out that there is actually no such thing as an actual “good” slave master. They are all bad, some just like to pretend…show more content…
During this day and age, all the masters ever cared about was their money. Because of this, emotions such as love for their own children seem to disappear. Their thirst for money is placed above their love for their own children. We see this emotional distortion in Mr. Sands and his mixed children that he had with Linda. “I knew that as soon as a new fancy took him, his victims were sold far off to get rid of them; especially if they had children. I had seen several women sold, with his babies at the breast,” Linda said (Jacobs 2,195). Here we are given proof that the slave owners felt no true love amongst themselves and their offspring. As soon as something shinier and newer came along, Mr. Sands got rid of his victims at the drop of the hat, because new worth and new money were are hand. A slave owner would never pass up the chance to be wealthier, so why would they let their own blood get in the way of that? Also, Linda explains to us that southern women marry these slave owners not bothered by the fact that they have “many little slaves” (Jacobs 2,193). She goes on to say “They regard such children as property, as marketable as the pigs on the plantation…” (Jacobs 2,193). From this we also learn that even though these slave owners have many of their own blood, they are so into making more money that their understanding of love is truly

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