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The poem “Sometimes the Words Are So Close” by Julia Alvarez is a metaphoric poem which compares the poem persona’s life to writing a poem. The poem is said through a first person and also with the use of words like “you” the persona end with addressing the reader. As the sonnet unfolds, the reader discovers that, the persona is comparing writing a poem to living her life. In the beginning of the poem the persona makes the statement on how he or she feels about the creating a poem. The poem starts with, Sometimes the words are so close I am more who I am when I’m down on paper than anywhere else as if my life were practicing for real me…(1-4). The persona feels more comfortable when writing a poem than he or she does in their own life. In…show more content…
The persona states, “Those of you lost and yearning to be free, who hear these words, take heart from me.” (10-11). The possibility that the life of the person is not perfect is presented by the persona. The persona directs the reader to evaluate themselves and their lives. A person may want to be free from a difficult situation and may find a option to free themselves from it by arriving at place where they are themselves. The person is telling the reader to believe him or her that there are opportunities to help get closer to one’s self. In the next few lines the persona states, “ I once was in as many drafts as you. But briefly, essentially; here I am” (12-13). In a way the person is comparing life to a poem again, with referring to “many drafts” which could be compared to multiple verses of oneself that develop over a person’s life. In addition, the persona points out he or she has gone through multiple drafts but has created this poem. Alvarez maybe is having the persona compare his or her life to making a poem and how it easily relates to life. The persona, like most people go through tough issues in their lives but as she says, “I am here now” which means all the struggles well be gone at some point. The constant development of drafts and the constant striving to improve life situations is what the persona messages in those lines of the

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