Hamlet Deception Essay

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The perfection that is how William Shakespeare wrote Hamlet to be is the cause of the consistent, or what appears to be, lack of sanity. Hamlet is an incredibly intelligent young prince who has endured misery and tragedy in the recent months causing him to seem depressed, introverted, overall careless of what others think, but it is used as a deception and displays his deeper intellect of the people around him. The semi permeable shield Hamlet uses to entrap his peers into believing his is insane is his wit. He must act mad in exact moments to carry out the mission given to him by the ghost. The advantage Hamlet receives because of his deception is the lack of conspiracy against him. If he succeeds with his plans, none of his peers would have…show more content…
(2,2,376-379) The quote describes how Hamlet is able to distinguish his enemies from his friends, in that way, he knows who to act mad towards. In this exchange, the audience can infer that Hamlet uses imagery to display deliberate toying with his mother and father. As a character, it displays Hamlet’s cautiousness with the people around him and his ability to identify when people are fake and not truthful. His cautiousness is due to his lack of trust with in his family from the quick marriage and lack of remorse after the death of his father. As well, Polonius can agree that, "Though this be madness, yet there is method in't" (2,2,205-206). This quote is specific to deciphering Hamlet’s false madness because even Polonius can tell that his outbursts are strategic. He is precise with the meaning of his words, it is not just chaos. Hamlet’s ability to be able to completely change his character within words in the play, displays his perception of the people surrounding him. He has an understanding of how people react to certain situations and uses that to push confessions and catch his peers flat- footed. As a character, Hamlet is brilliant in fabricating his madness to display his wit and attentiveness to distract from his true
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