Harlan Coben's Gone For Good

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In the book Gone For Good, a New York Times Bestseller, written by Harlan Coben, it includes many cases of person vs. person and person vs. society, for example; the main character, Will, lives an interesting life with his family in New Jersey. It’s around winter time and Will hasn't seen his brother Ken in years, because, many years ago he was convicted of being the murderer of Julie Miller, who was a girl that Will had once loved. The Police and many of Ken’s psycho turned childhood friends are after him because of this murder and because Julie was holding information about them that Ken now has. Will knows deep down that Ken wasn’t the one who did this. That the real one who did it goes by the name “The Ghost”. However, no one believes him…show more content…
However, some friends may seem loyal to Will and his views on the entirety of the situation, but they aren’t. Will knows he must get to Ken before anyone else does or Ken is a dead man. Will, who is incredibly clever, assertive and good-natured, uses clues his brother left behind to track him. He is quite obsessed with the fact that he knows his brother is still out there but he doesn’t know where he is. He has some information on it though, for example he knows his brother left with a girl, presumably his girlfriend, and has child with him. However, the police do not know that he is carrying a child with him, which makes him much more difficult to find and catch. Another thing that Will is dealing with is the difficulty of having a dying mother who is supposedly not going to last much longer. When he learns all this about his mother, he desires the comfort of his girlfriend, Sheila, because he can not take it all alone. However, just after his mother actually passed, Sheila had planned a trip to New Mexico and left without telling Will. Will was devastated when he learned she was gone. He needed love and couldn’t get it from his mom or girlfriend. So, he turned sadness into

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