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Adrian Torreflores Mrs. Cook Language Arts Honors 1-A Period 6 19 November 2014 Is Using Spyware on Teens Good or Bad? The Internet is a very complex place. It can be both very resourceful in learning new things, but also very dangerous because of cyber bullies and child predators. In Harlan Coben’s article entitled, “The Undercover Parent”, he brings up the idea of using spyware to monitor parents’ teens from the hazards of online use. Coben is correct to an extent as he supports the idea of using spyware for parents to keep the dangers of the Internet away from their teens; but with their children knowing about it. There are multiple facts that support Harlan Coben’s claim that spyware is an important device to shield parents’ children from the web. In a number of surveys compiled by Guardchild.com given out, 44% of tweens have publicly admitted they have watched something on the Internet that their parents would not let them watch, and only 28% of parents know…show more content…
In another fact retrieved by Guardchild.com it turns out that only 15% of parents know about their kids’ social networking habits and how it could lead to cyber bullying. This means the other 85% of parents are unaware of the dangers of online bullying. Spyware helps parents be more aware and have more supervision over their child’s social media accounts. In “The Undercover Parent”, the author perfectly gives the correct use of spyware when he states, “There is a fine line between being responsibly protective and irresponsibly nosy” (Coben). Harlan Coben explains that by using spyware, you must look for hazards or problems if they occur rather than looking through your child’s history waiting for something to happen. As a parent, you must not abuse the use of spyware. The fact and quote above bring out the very positives of spyware and why it was created in the first

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