Explain How Steinbeck Portrays The American Dream

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Steinbeck Illustrates the American Dream Many people during the 1900’s moved to America with the hope and inspiration to a fresh start in a new atmosphere. This was well known as the American dream. John Steinbeck illustrated the American dream very well in his writing. For example, he showed it in Mice and Men with George and Lennie fantasising about their future dreams, and he discussed it in The Grapes of Wrath showing how migrant workers were put into their position. John Steinbeck was more advanced than the majority of his classmates. He even skipped 5th grade, and began high school at a younger age. By age fourteen, he began his writing career. He then attended Stanford University to get a Bachelor’s degree. His parents wanted him to become a lawyer, but John knew that he wanted to accomplish his dream and become a writer. He started working as a migrant in a ranch, and this is where his writing began (The American).…show more content…
It follows the lives of two migrant workers, George and Lennie. He shows the everyday lifestyle of the two men and their perspective on the American dream (National). Steinbeck had George and Lennie work on a ranch in the dustbowl of America. The men went through multiple challenges as they lived in America, such as, the Wall Street crash, stock markets busting, and store owners being ruined caused long-term unemployment and loosing store owners, which ultimately led to the Great Depression. George and Lennie's ranch owner was also a store owner, this caused George and Lennie to flee the ranch and head to California as migrant workers. Throughout the story, John Steinbeck showed the challenges America had to go through and how it affected the people involved (The
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