Shinto Indigenous Religions

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The Shinto religion, the indigenous religion of Japan, is a culmination of other beliefs and folk lore which make it unique to many other indigenous religions. Key characteristics of indigenous religions are clearly seen in Shinto practices. However, the acceptance and blending of other religions sets Shinto apart from other religions. Shinto has strongly been influenced by Buddhism and by Confucianism. But first, a brief history of the Shinto provides an epic story of japans cosmic beginnings/. The people of Japan are comprised of an old melting of costal Asians who migrated to the islands once the seafaring technology was ready for it. With all of these people came the many different gods. Over time the polytheistic people of the islands…show more content…
After these characteristics are laid out, it will be easier to see what makes Shinto unique to other folk religions. One of the most notable characteristics of indigenous religions is that the teachings of the religions are generally communicated by word of mouth. However, that does not mean all indigenous religions are non-literate. In folklore religions, the traditions beliefs, customs and understanding of what their community is, is transmitted through stories of the past (Molloy, 2013). One way to help define indigenous religions is by recognizing three key patterns typically seen; the framing of sacred time and space, the honor of ancestors, gods and the origins of earth and the human relationship with…show more content…
Examining Shinto’s honor for the power of nature, the respect and worship of different Kami, or gods, as well as the sacredness of the spirit of the gods, it is easy to categorize Shinto as an indigenous religion. The mystical orientation of Shinto honors a unity with nature. The mystical orientation is also an influence of Buddhism on Shinto. Shinto’s uniqueness is seen through the synergistic interactions with other eastern religions like Buddhism and Confucianism. Many different Matsuri, or festivals of Japan demonstrate all the different Kami. These festivals are great example of how the community comes together to worship. Shinto religion is very fascinating to me. I would love to spend more time reading about the creation of the islands and the gods of Shinto. Some years I am lucky enough to visit the cherry blossom

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