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Lizete Murillo Professor Panto English 105 02 June 2015 Halloween: What was really celebrated? Halloween is one of the biggest holidays in America, a holiday that has been celebrated for over centuries, and overtime, its cause and significance has changed dramatically. Now it’s seen as a social gathering to dress up and go trick-or–treating without realizing during a time its existence was taken seriously. What most people aren’t aware of is where it came from, who celebrated it, and how it was celebrated. Halloween originated from the Celts where rituals for spirits, costumes, candies, and tradition had a whole different meaning than what it does today. In the Celtics culture it was custom to have a festival on what they believed was…show more content…
According to an article “When the Romans invaded Celtic territory roman traditions were incorporated into the festival” (Halloween’s Origins Go Way Back). The Samhain and Pomona tradition became one combining parts of each’s tradition since they both celebrated the harvest and the dead as well. Eventually another culture came along known as Christianity and slowly defeated the Pomona and Samhain tradition bringing up their own version of their traditions because they knew they couldn’t get rid of them completely but in time the Christians got tired of the pagans not accepting their ways and changed Samhain into All Saints Day which meant Hallows and the day before, October 31st, Hallow Eve which is where the word Halloween came from. This was eventually brought in America when many Europeans and Irish’s immigrated to America which led to the holiday we now call Halloween. Although Halloween is now celebrated differently and its tradition has different meaning, it’s been part of this world for a very long time. What once started as Samhain with the Celtics eventually evolved to America as Halloween becoming one of the most well-known and celebrated holiday. Despite the fact of what the tradition signified has differed, it is still a tradition in America; the concept of costumes, candies, and spirits has changed but it is still used for celebration

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