Fahrenheit 451 Society Vs Society Essay

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In our most recent book we read, Fahrenheit 451, we learned about their intricate and sheltered society. The people living in that society were unhappy, not well educated, and they were told to think all of these wrong thoughts. They were for the most part an absolute miserable and abhorrent society. They were very much different than our modern day society. Although their society seems absolutely dreadful and horrid, they were very technologically advanced. They had robot dogs that could spy for the government, they had televisions the size of walls in their homes. The society also had very advanced medical technology and amazing new ways to perform different medical procedures. They are light years ahead of us when it comes down to…show more content…
If you were caught with a book your house was immediately burned down and you were either killed or sent to an insane asylum. Being caught with a book was the biggest crime anyone could possibly commit. This is by far the biggest difference between our society and their society. The people in their society also have no desire to live. This is the polar opposite of how our society is (for the most part). People in our society want to live life to the fullest, they do not want to live reckless and die young (for the most part). This is one of the best things about our society. Finally, the last difference between their society and our society is that walking, talking, and thinking are considered to be weird in their society. The things that I do the most besides breath is talk, walk, and think. I can not even begin to imagine a world where all of those things would be considered to be odd. This is an abysmal thing just to think about. Although I say that their society seems so terrible, I feel that ours is heading the same way. There are people few and far between that still read the book and not the summary on SparkNotes. People are starting to not have to luxury free time to read so instead they are reading a summary of what happened in the book. This is downright sad and I hope that this will never

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