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Trick or treat! The phrase many of us are all too familiar with. When many people think of Halloween, there are some things that typically come to mind. Witches, ghosts, costumes, candy, and jack-o-lanterns. Halloween is one of the biggest holidays here in the United States yet the majority of people would not be able to explain how Halloween began or how it made its way over to America. To better understand Halloween, the origins of Halloween and the way it has evolved throughout history must be examined, which we will later connect to Halloween in the United States in present-day, and we will then look at how Halloween is celebrated in different countries around the world. Body: Transition: We will first look at the origins of Halloween throughout…show more content…
It all started with a festival called Samhain celebrated by the Celtics people. (Halloween, 2015). a. Samhain was celebrated on November 1st and it marked the transition between the seasons, from fall to winter. b. The Celts believed, that on the night before Samhain, the line between the living and dead disappeared and it was then possible for the dead to cross over to our world. c. Some of the ways the Celts celebrated was by giving animal sacrifices, making bonfires, and dressing up in animal heads and skins. B. As time progressed, so did Halloween. 1. According to Twoop.com, the Romans conquered the Celtics in 43 A.D. (Twoop.com, 2015). a. The Romans also had a festival that fell on the same day as Samhain, this festival was called Pomona. b. Samhain and Pomona were combined, according to Bennysplace.com, Pomona was the Roman goddess of fruit. c. This may explain the using of fruits for some traditions during Halloween we have today, for example the apple bobbing game. C. If we fast forward to 600 A.D., the church began to take steps in order to eliminate pagan rituals. 1. According to History.com, in 609 A.D., Pope Boniface IV created a day for the saints and martyrs to be celebrated on May 13th.

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