Hal And Me By Nicholas Carr Analysis

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Sanchez, Jose Section: 1006 28 September 2015 The Mind’s New Software Humankind has succumbed to the ongoing invasion of technological advancements. Although the benefits that technology provide are undeniable, so are the rewiring of society’s capabilities and methods of critical thinking as shown in Nicholas Carr’s work, Hal and Me. The “upgrade cycle” serves as a solution to the issue of staying up to date with information. With new gadgets constantly being released, people are entrapped by their necessity, hence, their cognitive skills continue to be suppressed. As Carr illustrates, books have become a concept of the past and have been trumped by the super power called the Internet. Limitation to learning new information is not withheld by books any longer. With access to the Net, there is “quick access to loads of information, potent searching” that allows to attain knowledge at quicker speeds compared to strenuous readings from books. However, this in turn changed the capability of reading on a deeper level. A mammoth exchange took place and it is the old thought process that was linked to being “calm, focused, and undistracted” that are replaced by the lack of being able to remain concentrated. Long readings involuntarily cause the mind to wander and one to fidget around. After a page or two of reading, it begins to feel like a drag and the…show more content…
It is ironic in the sense that the piece talks about how minds have shifted from reading printed sources to quickly “scanning for pertinent information of interest” from webpages. Serves as an attempt to redirect online readers back to critical reading from a book. If published on the Internet it would have targeted a different audience who would have probably interpreted the message behind it differently; moreover, promotes the old style of physically having to flip through pages and concentrate to get its full

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