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Initially, David Denby introduces readers to the evolution of Robert Downey Jr.. He highlights his “melancholy smile” in the second line, insinuating a hidden introspective layer to Downey. Then he highlights his reckless youth, citing Downey as a “ drug addict, jailbird, and insurance-risk.” However, Denby proceeds to allude to Robert Mitchum and Marlon Brando, comparing Downey's present hipster style to the likes of these famous actor. The comparison itself reveals much of Denby’s perspective on Downey. Mitchum, despite exponential ability, was often noted as a lazy actor whose talents were concealed by his disinterest. Both Mitchu and Downey are known for playing both forgettable and unforgettable roles with an air of nonchalance. By alluding to Mitchum,…show more content…
The use of the statement “Such are are the ways of pop: we cast our sins onto others” in the second to last sentence of the second paragraph serves to mock the modernization of the Iron Man script. Denby uses this line specifically to deprecate the use of waterboarding Downey’s character, Tony Stark. Denby claims he himself was enraged by the spectacle because it vilianized tactics that American interrogators have recently exploited. Therefore, Denby found that particular scene to be particularly insulting. However, the phrase “we cast our sins onto others” can also be connected to the fact that Tony Stark, an arms dealer, is taken as a prisoner of war. His captures are vilianized for the desire to “conquer the world,” as stated in line 11; however, Stark himself built an empire on selling weapons specializing in mass destruction. It could be argued that Stark, too, deflect his own faults onto others. Nevertheless, it could be stated that the entire movie serves deflect the militarization of modern politics onto a world where genius billionaires have the power to build supersuits and become a hero. Ultimately, Denby criticizes “Iron Man” for reflecting real issues onto the big screen for

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