When Aminata Went Away Analysis

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Why does Aminata feel lost and disconnected, wondering “who exactly I was and what I had become” (386), even though she has returned to her homeland? I think Aminata always had this vision in her mind that the moment she returned back to her homeland everything would go back to the way it was; her loving mom and dad, her regular happy life but sadly, that wasn’t the case. She held onto that thought that going home would fix everything but, when nobody she knew or loved was there, it didn’t hold the same meaning it did once before. My dad told me this quote when I was younger and while reading this part, I remember it. It was “Maybe home isn’t a place. Maybe it’s a feeling you have inside of you, being around people who matter to you.” I think…show more content…
After she got taken, things just got worst there. Everyone she knew and loved, by that point, were probably dead. But, putting myself into Aminata’s perspective it makes sense why she dreamt of returning because it was all she knew. Bayo was her home but I also think that Aminata has the ability to think logically and to realize that something’s are just impossible so, I think her decision was well made. I think, yeah, she may have given up too soon but, having that dream of eventually getting to go home again helped push her and make her as strong as she became. Having hope is never a bad thing—but sometimes being unrealistic in the goals or dreams you set can hurt and I think that’s what Aminata had to face. Eventually I knew the book was going to come to a turning point of either she gets to return home or she doesn’t. I half expected her to get back home but, I was happy with the choice that she gave up. Not necessarily because of the fact that she gave up but because she was logically. The whole book I felt like screaming at Aminata trying to get her to realize that her home wasn’t actually her home anymore and after she gave up, she felt miserable but she was able to let go. Sometimes letting go is necessary, because that way she’s able to move on and to create a new home—wherever that might be. I think she let go of an unrealistic dream at the right time and it helped shape her into the women she

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