Hairtyle From The 1920's

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A time period frame, that women wore their simple and elegant style of the bouffant, the highly, formal big hairstyle from the 1950s. This was a popular hairstyle because the style created an illusion of a longer, smaller face. The high towering beehive lasted to the end of the ‘60s. The bob was re-introduced from the 1920s but with a twist. The bob was not cut into one layer but into many hair lengths. The hair was parted in the middle and was laid smoothly on the back of the head; each layer of the hair was then cut longer than the other layer, allowing the hair to turn under. Later, they preferred a more casual and simple look as they entered the hippie stage style. The women concentrated more on a romantic, softer, ruffle look hairstyle. Forming care-free loving curls.This style brought an asymmetric, geometric cut that followed the shape of the head from a five point hairstyle that fell neatly into place.This fluffy hairstyle was done by requiring a lot of teasing of the hair by running the comb from the tip of the hair towards the scalp, in quick and short movements creating a fluffy look.…show more content…
A headband such as a rope, material or flowers was usually worn. This style required the hair to be cut extremely short and combed flat over to one sideWomen’s hairstyle in the 1970s is known for its long, soft and a feminine look which later changed to a short and an edgy look.Straight hair parted in the centre was popular; later a flicked fringe was introduced known as ‘wings’.This style has a shaggy look to it, whether it was short hair or long hair. This style has shorter hair on top with a longer hair at the back. There is lot of layers throughout the

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