Gustave Flaubert's A Simple Heart

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Paper Topic #1 Gustave Flaubert’s, A Simple Heart, is one of the most realistic pieces of literature out there. A few of the main themes in this story are disillusionment, frustration and resignation. Realism is an enormous part of this story and in literature as a whole. Realism in literature focuses on middle and lower class characters because the authors were customarily middle class. Realism in literature is also depicted by art imitating life, meaning that art is not always beautiful but in reality, it’s very unpleasant. In, A Simple Heart, the story starts off by describing Madame Aubain’s house and Felicite, who works there as her maid. Felicite is very loyal and efficient at her job, but she is considered lower class. As the story goes on, we realize that Felicite had been previously in love with a man…show more content…
Virginie is Madame Aubains’ daughter who is shipped off to convent school after her first communion. (Pg. 720. Part iii) Felicite handles her grief after Virginie leaves by visiting her nephew, Victor. Victor is soon to be shipped to Cuba. Felicite tries to go see Victor just before he leaves on the ship, but as she gets there, the ship is already leaving. This leaves Felicite extremely disenchanted. She is constantly at a state of worry and concerned when she hasn’t heard from Victor in months. Later, Felicite receives a letter declaring that her nephew has breathe your last breath. (Pg. 723. Part iii.) Felicite then finds out that Virginie has been suffering from a lung disease and has passed away as well. This part of the story is particularly important in the realism theme because everyone will leave you. Death, a misunderstanding or a new journey will come to everyone and people in your life will come and go. Someone can think so highly of an individual and just like that, they are not all they are cracked up to be and turn out to be an evil

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