Gustave Flaubert's A Simple Heart

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In discussing three different literary works, they all have different themes, characters, and story lines; however, knowledge plays a major role in these stories and has an impact on the reader’s interpretation. In “A Simple Heart,” Gustave Flaubert introduces us to a girl name Felicite and begins to describe the people that helped shape her life. Felicite did not have anything, including, a husband, children, or a home; however, she was loyal and loved everyone that she was around. William Blake writes a story about a little black boy who is searching to find out who he truly is. The little boy in “The Little Black Boy,” finds love and acceptance in God after having a conversation with his mother and experiencing God’s joy. This next story…show more content…
The main character, Felicite, was an unskilled servant; however, she learned to take care of the family that she lived with. Even when her mistress did not treat her well, she remained loyal. Her dedication to this family was proof that her love and compassion for others was greater than any education she could have obtained. This was evident when she rescued her mistress and children from a bull. She also used her imagination to take the place of her lack of education dealing with geography. As her nephew traveled on voyages, she dreamed about the places he was going. Felicite’s knowledge that she received from outside sources worked with her self-knowledge to make her the complete person she was in this piece of…show more content…
The little boy was so young that he did not have many life experiences yet. Although he was very young, his mom tried to guide him to the source that would help him develop his identity. The only outside knowledge that this little boy had was from his mother, so he also had to depend on the self-knowledge that he received from God. Another interesting observation about this poem was that this little boy took the outside knowledge that he had and combined it with his self- knowledge that he developed about God, and he tried to transfer that knowledge to another boy. He felt an obligation to share his knowledge to help the other little boy find his identity in God. Receiving love and acceptance from the English boy would be the little black boy’s reward for sharing his knowledge about God. Again, the little boy could not be complete until he took his self-knowledge of God and combined that with the knowledge he received from his mother to make him the unique individual that he was meant to

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