Essay On Social Security In Malaysia

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In our country, foreign workers are always being deemed to be a security threat, especially illegal foreign workers. Illegal migration is perceived as a security threat in terms of crime, disease, political and so on that sows the seeds of discord. According to the data released by government in year 2014, a total 9,496 crime cases involving foreigner were recorded between Januanry and August of that year. It is 11.2% of the overall cases in Malaysia during the period. However, it had already caught the attention of the police, because it leads to several crimes that affect the safety of Malaysia as shown in Table 1 and Table 2. Moreover, based on the statement of Deputy Inspector-General of Police (DIGP) Datuk Seri Noor Rashid Ibrahimn, although the highest…show more content…
The residents may lose their confidence in our government, and difficult to possess a sense of belonging, even national identity. We can see this situation in the issue of talent loss in Malaysia, one of the required conditions of most Malaysians that work in other countries to come back Malaysia is increase quality of living with lower crime rates. Therefore, the national identity is affected by the issue of social security, a bad social security may reduce the national identity of resident. In a nutshell, the security problem that cause by the entrance of foreign workers are increase the social cohesion of our country, because they cause the feeling of antipathy among local residents. The residents are uniting to reject foreign worker to become a part of them, so the foreign workers become the group that not accept in the society. However, the security problem is also lead to the decreasing national identity of residents. An unsafe and full of crime society will promote the residents leave Malaysia and move to other countries for living and looking

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