Examples Of Nihilism In Grendel

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As Grendel is defeated, he lies on the ground and whispers “Poor Grendel’s had an accident. . . So may you all”(Gardner 174), means the death of him. In the lines where he utters the words “so may you all” portrays his true nihilistic ways. He curses both mankind and the animal kingdom to suffer a tragic ending just as he has. Moreover, His words are nihilistic and ironic due to the fact he believes he is being killed for no fair reason; just as he kills animals and people for no reason. In the novel Grendel, the dragon teaches nihilism to Grendel. For instance, he states the “beginning, the present, the end . all time, all space”(Gardner 62). Furthermore, the quote explains every living thing must come to an end, therefore life is pointless.

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